Once Upon a Time Round Up: My Favourite Moments

With just under 2 weeks to go until their 100th episode, fans of ABC’s show Once Upon a Time, are getting very excited. And  I’m not sure about you, but I can’t help but feel a sense of pride. I have been a fan of this show since day one, quite literally. I remember sitting on my couch, my family and I watching some mindless sitcom as we finished dinner, as a commercial came on for a new show. I remember seeing the trailer for the pilot episode of Once Upon a Time and thinking, “This is it. This is going to be my show.” And I couldn’t have been more right. As a child I loved fairytales, and I never grew out of that. And here is this show that is not only re-inventing and bringing these fairytales to life, but combining all of them together! Tell me more, tell me more!

There were no doubts in my mind. And I was hooked from the first minute (a pun that we would later realize) I saw it. My mum watched it with me, but none of my friends watched or liked it at the time. And they weren’t alone. No one thought that this show would ever get renewed for a second season. The hate was expected. But they had no idea the love and dedication they would receive from the fans.

Now they are on their fifth season, about to air their 100th episode, a show that wasn’t even supposed to make it past 22! I feel immensely proud of this for so many reasons. I’m proud of the writers for creating such amazing plots and backgrounds for the characters. I’m proud of the actors for portraying the characters we know and love in such a unique and incredible, truthful way. I’m proud of everyone who works on that show, because it’s all so awesome. And I’m proud of us, the fans. We who have stuck loyally to this show, be it since season one or this very season.

And of course, I’m proud of my twitter followers for putting up with my endless live tweeting on Sunday nights. I appreciate it guys!

Each season has brought more magic and mischief, and so tonight, I’m going to go through some of my favourite plot lines in this fantastic show.

*These are in no particular order*

Merida Being ‘Brave’ 

Going into season 5 and the Merida/Brave storyline, I felt very similar to how I felt going into the Frozen storyline. Very scared. If done right, it could be fantastic. If done wrong? It could mean so many terrible things that don’t do well to dwell on. But my fears vanished after the premiere of season 5. The casting was absolutely genius! I know the actress, Amy Manson from shows like Desperate Romantics and Being Human UK (excellent show, by the way), and I was over the moon when I heard the casting news. I was right to be so, she’s a fantastic actress and portrayed Merida perfectly! Everything involving her was beautifully done. From the rough relationship between Merida and The Dark Swan/Emma, to the amazing trio that is Merida, Mulan, and Ruby, I can’t wait to see more of her in the coming episodes.

The One With The Time Travel

Genius. I love anything involving time travel, because its such a risky business. The slightest thing can change the course of history, as Emma quickly discovers. I loved that the writers added it in, and it was a perfect end to season 3.

Zelena’s Return

I think the main reason that I adored this plot so much is because I did not see it coming in the least. I love Zelena as a character, because of her wickedness, but I also hate her for it. With any good villain, its difficult and sad to see them go. So to see her return, especially  in such an unpredictable way was so exciting! This show is known for having many twists, but most of them I can see coming. So to have one hit me out of the blue was such a great experience.

Ruby’s Return

I love Ruby. I always have, and it was so disappointing not to have her there for a few seasons. So I was ecstatic when she came back, and I love that they created a story and a reason as to why she’s been missing all this time. There’s nothing worse than when writers just hope you don’t notice, and that you go along with their shenanigans. So good on you, writers. Good on you!

Snow/Charming-I Will Always Find You

I don’t know of a single person in the fandom that will not ship Snowing until their dying day. They made Snow White into this powerful, independent heroine while keeping the romance and undying love true, which is not something I used to see a lot of. I can’t express how amazing this relationship is, or how deep my love for Snow goes. I just can’t.

Who Is the Author?

I was waiting so long for this. I remember in season one thinking about who the author of the book was. Who put all these stories together? Who wrote them? Were they written after the fact, or did the events happen because they were written? I loved that they covered it and how they did so. The alternate world was fantastically awful, and I truly wondered how they were going to get out of it. Making Henry the new author was also a wonderful edition, though I do wish he hadn’t snapped the pen.

Regina’s Turn Around

Has there ever been a character that has done such a complete 180? She started off as the most hated character on the show, and all of a sudden that changed. We all had our moments. Some of us back in season one, learning her background. Some in season two, getting a deeper look into her mother, Cora. And for some, it was even later. But there is no question that the fandom is full of Evil Regals.

I think the thing I love most about Regina is that she gives so much hope to the fans. If someone who has done so many terrible things can change, anyone can. She truly has become a hero, but she still has kept true to her sarcastic, witty personality, which I love. She’s changed for the better, but she’s still Regina. She’s just not the Evil Queen any more. Who doesn’t love a good redemption story?

Captain Swan

What an unexpected ship if I ever saw one. To be completely honest, I didn’t ship this at all in the beginning. I loved Emma, and within the first minute of seeing him, was in love with Hook as well. But together? I had my doubts in the beginning. I didn’t want it to be a fling, just some random hook up (pardon the pun). If this relationship was going to happen, it better be as deep and true and Snow and Charming’s. Luckily, the writers had just that in store for them! What began as flirtatious banter blossomed into one of the top ships on TV. A ship that often takes place on a ship which just makes it ten times better. And we’ve all made plenty of puns, and re-watched their first kiss plenty of times. Hook is, without a doubt, my favourite character on the show. And this ship is definitely one of my top ones of all time.

The Dark Swan

The fan in me hated this storyline simply because of the pain. There was a lot of it. But the writer in me adored it in ways that words cannot describe. It was so genius and so beautiful! What a poetic and cruel twist. Our saviour proves yet again not only her goodness, but her friendship with someone who started out as her enemy, by sacrificing herself to the darkness. Through the first four seasons, Emma was the key, the solution to every problem. While I’m happy to have her back to her good old, red leather-wearing self, I was glad to see what the rest of the characters did without her. And I have never been so blown away by Jennifer Morrison’s acting. She is truly incredible.


Of course, this has yet to happen. But I can already tell that it’s going to be one of my favourites, if not my very favourite storyline of the show so far. Not only are we getting new characters, but we’re seeing old ones return. Some of our favourite (and least favourite) villains will be joining us in hell. And Michael Raymond-James will be returning as Neal! And not only this, but we are back to having Rumple as The Dark One! It’s funny how things work out. Funny, and absolutely, breathtakingly genius.

I’m sure you can expect a very long post on Monday, March 7th, reviewing the exciting, and no doubt heart wrenching 100th episode of Once Upon a Time. But while we wait, let me know some of your favourite moments down below! Let me know what you’re looking forward to, or any theories you may have about the upcoming episodes! I’d love to hear. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress