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‘Game Of Thrones’: Hall Of Faces Teaser

I do promise, not every post shall be devoted to Game of Thrones. And I will try to spread the Game of Thrones posts out, but within the last week, the show-runners have been particularly generous. Not only did we receive many new pictures (Click here for my thoughts on those), but last night, on Sunday February 14, 2016, we were given a new teaser trailer.

And to say it was bleak would be an understatement.

But before I review it, make sure to get a good look at the trailer.


This trailer is set completely in the House of Black and White, in the Hall of Faces. A location we are familiar with thanks to season five and Arya Stark. This isn’t the happiest of places.

The trailer starts off ominous, what with the location and the whispers, as if the faces are talking to each other. But in a way, it’s almost hopeful and exciting. The first face we are focused in on is Ned Stark’s, a character that I know I miss dearly. Way to get our hopes up, HBO. The general consensus at this point is that we will not be seeing Ned Stark, at least, not as we know him, in season six. And while flashbacks are expected, seeing a face we haven’t seen in five seasons definitely throws us off.

But of course, this isn’t enough. We’re only seconds later reminded of just how many Starks we have lost. We see Robb and Lady Catelyn. And this is what I find very interesting: the choice of quotes. Ned’s is well known, and one that sums up his character almost completely, his nobility and honour. Robb’s is dark, bleak. It was troublesome to hear then, and sad to hear now. And Lady Catelyn’s is not dark and bleak, but dark and ominous. “Show them how it feels,to lose what they love.” You book readers will know that Catelyn does return, in a very psychotic and hell bent manner. And this show is known for changing around timelines. For example, the Reek/Theon and Ramsay plot happened in the early seasons, where it did not happen in the books until A Dance With Dragons. Am I reading too much into this? Probably. The chances of the show bringing in this plot is fairly slim at this point, but can you imagine how interesting it would be to see?

Joffrey comes next, reminding us of how terrible of a person he was. All of these characters are dead, some longer than others. And then we see a face that shakes us to our very core.

Jon Snow.

And was I seeing things, or was that Ygritte’s face next to his!?

“The long night is coming, and the dead come with it,” he says, referring of course, to winter. There’s this intense moment of shock and terror. I mean, Kit has said that Jon Snow is dead. Is this the proof of it?

Not necessarily. And I say that because of what happens next. No more do we see the faces of dead characters. Now we see the faces of characters we know are still alive. Beginning with Tyrion, and zooming out to reveal characters such as Sansa and Arya, Cersei and Jaime. Even Daenerys. So, what does this mean?

In truth, none of us know for sure. Even though Martin is known for ruthlessly killing off main characters, he certainly can’t kill off all of the main characters. He does need someone to write about! So if this teaser does not foretell the deaths of these characters, what does it foretell? Perhaps the bleakness of this season. All men must die, but we never know who or when. Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here. Season six as well as book six will no doubt be the darkest, most depressing  yet. And knowing this series, we cannot possibly imagine the horrors that are coming.

We are still left with the question of what exactly happened to Jon Snow!? We have been told he is dead, but we know he’s returning for this season. Does that mean he is resurrected? Does he return as a white walker? Will they pull off a Gandalf the White kind of thing? We can only wait and see.

The night is dark and full of terrors. And don’t we know it.

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