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‘Game Of Thrones’ Exclusive Pics: Who’s Alive?


I know that it is not yet Monday (my usual posting day), but I simply couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this. Yesterday, February 11, 2016, many new images were released giving us a look into season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Some reveal very little, such as the High Sparrow looking contemplative as ever. Others, however, delve much deeper into what is coming (hint: it’s more than just winter).

I should warn you that the spoilers ahead will not just be in regards to the show, but to the books as well, so if you aren’t caught up and want to avoid being spoiled, please go no further.

You have been warned.

Let’s start with the first image. Arya Stark dressed as a beggar, bowl in hand, her eyes a milky white. On the surface things don’t look too great for her. But as those of you who have read the book will know, she doesn’t remain that way for long. It isn’t permanent by any means. If I remember correctly, all servants of the Many Faced God go through this, it is another task/challenge to strengthen their skills. The fact that Arya killed a man only brought the task on her sooner rather than later. Hopefully they’ll follow this route in the show, and her blindness will not last, but if not, things are certainly looking dire for Arya of House Stark.

Sansa and Theon are alive! I am a hardcore supporter of Sansa Stark. I love her, I’ve always loved her, and I honestly think she’s a brilliant character. I know there are many who disagree with me, but I cannot help but adore her.

Theon is an odd one. In season one, I really didn’t have strong feelings either way. I liked him well enough, but I wouldn’t have been distraught had he died. Season two comes along, and my indifference turns to an intense loathing. Robb having been one of my favourite characters, I felt that betrayal deeply, and wanted him to suffer.

Enter Ramsay Bolton (at the time, Snow).

At first, it’s almost gleeful. Theon’s suffering! He’s getting what he deserves! But we soon see that it isn’t justice that is being served, but plain cruelty. I really couldn’t say when my feelings changed from hatred to utter sympathy and pity, but they did. I wanted Theon to suffer, but that was overkill. And so Theon went from a character I thought was decent enough, to a character I loathed, to a character I started to love. He’s such a broken character, it’s hard not to take pity on him! By season five, he was on the ‘like’ side of the scale.

Anyhow, it does not surprise me that Theon and Sansa are alive. Some were doubting it, but I knew the storylines of these characters weren’t over. In the books, Sansa never returns to Winterfell, but stays in the Eyrie. Instead, a childhood friend of hers, Jeyne Poole, is passed off as Arya Stark and wed to Ramsay Bolton. In A Dance With Dragons, Theon and Jeyne manage to escape Winterfell through the same methods as Sansa and Theon do in season five. They end up being taken to Stannis’ host, where Theon is reunited with his sister, Asha.

It’ll be incredibly interesting to see which direction they go with this because, as we’re lead to believe, Stannis is dead. They can’t be captured by his host, so it’ll be interesting to see who does find them, if anyone. I’ll be silently praying for it to be Brienne, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

 In the picture they’ve released, Theon is on his knees with Sansa grasping his arm. It looks like she’s trying to pull him up, to convince him that they need to keep going. My guess is that he’ll still be struggling with his identity, and she’ll have to convince him that he is not Reek, but Theon. It’ll be interesting to see.

Along with our main characters, we see some stills of Balon and Yara/Asha Greyjoy*, which we can only assume means that the Iron Islands will be playing a bigger part not only in this season, but this war. Maybe Theon and Sansa will be taken there? Who knows!

*I assume they changed Asha’s name in the show to avoid confusion for the fans, ensuring they don’t mistake Asha for the wildling Osha.

The Lady Melisandre is seen upon a horse, wrapped in many thick robes. It looks as if she’ll be leaving The Wall. Perhaps with Jon Snow, who she brought back to life? Only time will tell.

In the stills shown, Ramsay Bolton is giving a scary calm look, one that we have seen given by Roose many times. The look that reveals that their emotions could not be farther from calm. Ramsay is definitely not going to be impressed about losing both his wife as well as Reek in one shot, and I’m going to guess that Roose is not going to be too happy with his son, either. Combine the ‘scary calm’ with the little teaser we saw earlier in the year (“Winterfell is mine.”), Ramsay is pissed and ready for war. And if they follow the book, it may be with Jon Snow.

I don’t care what Kit says, he’s coming back and we all know it.

Gilly and Sam seem…well, not quite happy, but alive, and that’s more than can be said for most ships in this show, so I’ll settle for it. I can, however, say that I am extremely excited to meet his family. More characters to hate. Yay!

Bran hit puberty and it is weirding me out! From the background, it looks as if they’re in Winterfell, before it was burned, so hopefully through Bran and the Three Eyed Raven’s mind, we’ll be able to see some flashbacks. Maybe even with some old characters? In A Dance With Dragons, Bran sees flashes of his father by the heart tree, leading him to think that he’s still alive, when really Bran is only seeing the past (as far as we know, at least). Combine that with the rumours we’ve been hearing, and we will hopefully be seeing some long missed characters.

 Bran has developed so much as a character over the books and seasons, so I’m really excited to see him come into his own, and accept his powers fully. It’ll be interesting to see what he can and will do with them.

Brienne is looking as bad-ass as ever. I’m really not sure what this next season will bring for her (hopefully something with Sansa), but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be amazing.

Back in King’s Landing, a lot is going down. Margaery is still detained, being read to by Septa Unella. This frustrates me immensely. How Cersei managed to be allowed back into the Red Keep while Margaery is still imprisoned is yet another example of Cersei’s endless manipulation.

Myrcella has been confirmed dead. This means a lot of things. For Jaime, I think he’s going to tell Tommen the truth about his parentage. For Cersei, she’s going to absolutely lose it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pushes her over the edge. I wouldn’t want to be around to find out. And for King’s Landing? This could very well mean war with Dorne. And if this is the case, it would be a perfect time for the Iron Islands to strike, amidst this chaos. Myrcella’s death could mean a lot of game changers.

We also see a sneak peek of a heated discussion between Cersei and Jaime. Cersei looks upset, slightly frustrated with her twin, whereas Jaime looks crazed. The events of the past five seasons have certainly taken their toll on him, and its showing. I’m honestly hoping that Jaime and Brienne get reunited at some point this season, and that Jaime tells Cersei what she can do with herself. I’m not sure what the odds are of this happening in the show, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

 And let’s not forget about our friends across the Narrow Sea. Tyrion and Varys are together again, so we can only guess what trouble they’re stirring. With the help of Varys, there’s a good chance that Daenerys could win the Iron Throne.

If they find her, that is.

We still don’t know conclusively who took her, or where, but most of us are leaning towards Dothraki at this point. She might be taken to the Dosh Kaleen, as she is a Khaleesi and her Khal has been long dead. While there are worse situations, she won’t be able to rule from there, so ideally, if this is the case, she will be able to persuade the Dothraki to fight for her. Or at the very least, hopefully she’ll be able to escape. But as I said, we really aren’t sure of anything for Daenerys right now.

And back in Meeren, things are probably quite a mess. I really am not sure what to expect, but if it’s anything like the book, we should anticipate chaos and war. Either way, I’m just hoping everything is cleared up with Ser Jorah, and that he’ll be back in Team Dany in no time.

For all of the amazing pictures, go to the link down below. Let me know your thoughts!

One thing is certain. April cannot get here fast enough.

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