Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

I apologize for this post coming to you so late, I just got home from work! But no matter, I’m here now, and was tagged by the wonderful Living Within Fiction to do the Unpopular Opinion Book Tag. I’ve never done this tag before, but I’m very excited to participate in it! Why hold off? Let’s jump right in!

1) A popular book or series you didn’t like.


To be fair, I never did finish the novel, mainly because I was so bored that I couldn’t get through it. Nearly everyone I know told me that I should read this book, and that I would love it, but I just couldn’t get into it.

2) A popular book or series that everyone hates, but you love.


I know that this isn’t strictly speaking a book, but I swear this is the only cheat I’ll do in this tag.

So many people I know hate Romeo and Juliet with a passion. They think it’s idiotic, but I couldn’t disagree more. I think it’s poetic and the soliloquies are so romantic and gorgeous. While the ending was pretty over-the-top, I think we can all agree, Romeo and Juliet will always be one of my favourites.

3) A love triangle where you didn’t like who the main character ended up with.


This is from Cassandra Clare’s the Infernal Devices, and I’m not quite sure if this does count? As both ships, Will and Tessa (also known as Wessa), and Jem and Tessa (Jessa), are canon? Either way, if they weren’t both canon, and only one could happen, I’d go with Jessa, without a doubt. I love Will, but Jem will always be number one.

4) A popular genre you hardly read.


Personally, I cannot stand romance. I love to have romance in the stories that I read, but I need more besides that. Romance by itself is something I find much too boring.

5) A popular or beloved character that you hate.


While Jennifer Lawrence was an absolute genius in  the films, I couldn’t stand Katniss in the books. She felt apathetic and I couldn’t relate to her at all.

6) A popular author you can’t seem to get into.


While I’ve been told that many of Lauren Oliver’s books are incredible, I read Before I Fall and really did not enjoy it. I haven’t been able to bring myself to pick up another of her books since.

7) A popular trope you’re tired of reading of.


This goes for male characters as well as females. Can we get some more dimensions? Humans are made up of more than one trait, characters should be as well.

8) A popular series you have no interest in reading.


I really wish I wanted to read this, I truly do. But I don’t.

9) A movie that you liked better than the book.


Anyone who read the book will know that it was incredibly anticlimactic. All of the characters are preparing for battle when, at the last second, they decide to talk out their problems instead.

How boring would that have been to watch?

They managed to make the film exciting for fans without changing the plot. I have massive respect for that.

And there we have it! My unpopular opinions book tag! That was very fun, and I’ll be sure to tag some people on twitter.

Thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress