Monday Motivation

11 days into the new year. Somehow it feels like it’s been much longer than that. And somehow I feel like I’ve wasted so much time.

There is so much pressure put on all of us. No matter what age you are, or gender, or where you live, we all deal with pressure and stress in one form or another. For me, I’m a young woman (though it’s still weird to think of myself as an adult), and an aspiring writer. I have been published, but I’ve never had a novel published. And currently, I’m not in school. I’m working away, at a part time job that has nothing to do with writing, or books, or anything of the sort. And all the time people are asking me, “What are you doing with your life?”

They cannot imagine how much stress those seven words cause me.

Am I writer? I would consider myself one, yes. But then I start asking myself, what have I written? Who has read my work? Where have I sent my work? Am I doing enough? Am I doing anything?

And so on and so forth.

Any writer has felt this way more than once in their life. There’s this overwhelming and unrealistic pressure on us, partially put on us by society, and partially by ourselves. As a general group, we tend to have high expectations of ourselves.

But here’s my problem. I start thinking about these things, and I start panicking. I start feeling worthless and useless, and what ends up happening is I just sit here. I don’t write, I don’t read, I simply sit here thinking about all the things I’m not doing.

Maybe you do the same. And if you do, STOP IT.

Like I said, we’ve all thought this way. We’ve all had those days where we wonder if we’re doing the right thing, or if we’re doing anything at all. And there are those who say that if you’re a true writer, it’ll be easy for you.

That isn’t true.

Being a writer is not about having the words come effortlessly. Sometimes they will, but sometimes it will be as if there are no words at all. And that’s okay.

Being a writer is about pushing forward. It’s about creating, because the characters in your head demand to be written. It’s about doing something that you love. Simply put, being a writer is about writing.

Stop listening to the wrong people. Writing is the easiest and the hardest thing in the world, despite what anyone says. Take a breath. Before you start googling how to get published, or how to write a book, just pause. Take a break. Open up a word document, put on some good music, and just write. Whether it’s fanfic or something totally new, writing is writing. And that’s what we do.

Thanks for reading, and keep writing 🙂

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress