A Writer’s Christmas List

The holiday season manages to sneak upon everyone each year, but this year feels more so than ever. Where I live, the weather has proved quite un-Christmasy. We have not seen a hint of snow in over a month. It’s hard to believe it’s in 12 days.

But believe it or not, it is nearly here, and for many of us, that will mean some last minute shopping. As an avid reader, writer, and fangirl, I never lack items in my list. But receiving items is easy. Giving them can be a much more difficult and anxiety-filled process.

I’m here to make that process a little less stressful. If you have any writer friends, and have no idea what to give them, just read the list below and you’ll have plenty of ideas!

So without further ado:

1) A Chapter’s Gift Card. I’m going to make the wild assumption that if they love to write, they also love to read! Now, some people will call this impersonal but I love receiving gift cards! Especially to somewhere like Chapters! Whether it’s fifteen dollars or fifty, it allows us a chance to fall in love with a new book, or finally buy that book that we love already. Who knows, maybe we’ll buy a journal with it! Whatever the case, a gift card to somewhere like Chapters is useful and easy!

2) Writing prompts. This is for those of you who love giving home-made gifts. It’s easy, inexpensive, personal and fun! All you need is a nice little jar (it can even be plastic), or a container of some sort. You can either come up with the writing prompts yourself, or find some on the internet. There are tons out there. Write each on a small piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in the jar. They’ll love it and get a lot of use out of it!

3) A notebook. We could have a hundred and it would still never be enough. Look for something that you think would speak to them, and they will love you for it.

4) Inspiration. Now, I know you can’t exactly give inspiration as a gift. But if you know what inspires them, you actually can! Most writers have something they turn to in a time when they are in desperate need of inspiration. Be it a book, movie, TV show, artist, there is always something. Figure out what that something is and get it for them! Let’s say it’s a movie, but they already have it. Maybe pick them up a piece of merchandise related to it. Or, if you have artistic ability, draw them a sketch of their favourite character! Remember, it’s not the expense that matters, but the thought.

5) Draw one of their characters. The feeling is incredible.

6) A(n) (auto)biography. This goes back to inspiration. Maybe it’s their favourite actor, writer, director or musician. But reading about success stories that you love can be really motivating.

7) A new laptop. This one is more for family members than friends, of course, as they can be quite expensive. But when you have a very old and slow laptop, it’s hard to be focused on your writing when your computer keeps turning off or freezing. If this is the case, maybe consider this as a gift. Or some money to help them along. It’ll mean the world to them.

8) Writing software. Again, more for family members than friends, but writing softwares can be a very good investment, particularly for screenwriters. Final Draft, for example, is an excellent one. Do some research, and don’t be afraid to ask their opinions!

9) A print copy of their favourite screenplay. This one is for the screenwriters out there. It’s harder to get through than a novel, but it’s great motivation to see something like that on your bookshelf. Alongside that, maybe think of getting them a book on how their favourite movie was made! Personally, I have more than I can count, ranging from Batman to The Lord of the Rings, to Doctor Who and Harry Potter. They are great motivation.

10) Support. Like I said, it isn’t the expense that makes the gift. It’s the thought. And writing can be quite a daunting thing. Maybe give them a jar full of written compliments/motivating and encouraging thoughts. Write a bunch of their favourite quotes and put them in a jar, one for each day of the year. Support is something you cannot buy, but it is something invaluable. Your support is the best gift you can give them. And believe me, they will love it.

I hope this helped give you some ideas! Please don’t be shy, and feel free to ask for any more suggestions. Thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress