Game of Thrones Teaser: Jon Snow Returns

I did have something entirely different planned for this week’s post, but that all changed earlier this morning when HBO’s Game of Thrones released their first official season 6 poster. And they didn’t hold back. The star of said poster? Our beloved, and apparently not-so-dead, Jon Snow.


There he is, friends. Kit Harington, AKA Jon Snow, blood splattered, broody, and his hair looking just as flawless as ever. The Jon Snow we all know and love.

The Jon Snow argument has been going on for what feels like forever.

Is he dead?

Is he alive?

He has to be dead.

They can’t kill him off!

Did you see that final shot?

I have been a firm believer that he is coming back. Partially for the reason that I cannot wrap my mind around the idea that we’ve seen the last of our noble Jon. If there is a character in this show that is the epitome of good (I think we all know who evil incarnate is), it’s Jon. Granted, he has made some decisions we’ve all questioned. But in the end, everything he does, he does out of honour. And that’s why we love him.

While the question of how he’ll be returning to us is as prominent as ever, there can be no doubt now that he is in fact returning. And are we really surprised? Between Kit’s hair being Jon Snow ready, and all of the sightings on set, how long could HBO keep denying it? We all knew the truth. But even though I knew he had to be returning to us, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely relieved and excited to see his lovely face again.

While Jon Snow is definitely not dead, I’m sure the writer’s will have plenty of pain still in store for him. What will he do about the brothers that turned on him? Where will he go now? Rumours have it that he’ll be reuniting with Sansa Stark (internal screaming), what could this reunion consist of? Who is Jon Snow’s mother (and possibly father)? Whatever the case may be, Jon Snow survived that Caesar-like stabbing. He can survive anything.

There is hope.

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress